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Automation Code of Practice

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  • 03-01-2019

Health and safety of the automatic door should be given priority for both property owner or facility manager and end user of a property. It is essential to know that safety of both the end user and the property owner will be enhanced by servicing of the automatic doors using particular legal requirements.

Swing Doors and Balanced Doors

You need to install at least one of the following devices:

  • A device to sense presence to counter Door movement, i.e. sensor fitted on the top of Door leaf.
  • A device used to sense presence or safety mat that offers insufficient protection by preventing movement of a door fully closed or open.
  • The distance between the fully open door and the barrier range 25 mm and 50 mm.
  • The kinetic energy should be dissipated by door movement (3.4 joules at maximum speed).
  • The maximum amount of entrapment force should be utmost 25N.
  • It is prudent for the activation of the door to if the user is 1400 mm from the door line when the door is open away from the user.
  • If the door is open towards user, Door activation should start 1400 mm away from Door edge when the door is in open position.

motor to operate automated door

You should additionally install Finger Traps and a manual override system which allows the door to be opened in cases of power failure and emergencies.

Low Energy Swing Doors

Low energy swing door have low kinetic energy levels, thus are installed without the door-mounted safety. You should be aware that the specifier’s Hazard & Risk must prove that it is safe to use of the low energy level doors, which have no safety sensors. Their drive forces is limited, thus drives with low energy are not good for use on external doors or the doors, which experience wind or pressure differences.

The entrapment force should be utmost 67 N if applied 25 mm away from leading or meeting a style of your door. The level of kinetic energy should be maximised to 1.6 Joules. If automatic activation devices are fitted, activation must be:

  • 1400 mm away from the door in a perpendicular way to a plane of a closed door, the place at which the door opens away from the user.
  • 1400 mm away from the door’s leading edge at the fully open position when the door is kept open to the user.
  • The door open time ought to be set at 5 seconds or more to meet requirements of the user.